About us

VAŠI MALI VRTLARI was established in 1999 as a small service business with the registered office in Stankovci, Zadar County, the place known for its highly developed entrepreneurial spirit.


Starting from the initial idea and vision that every person in every home should be allowed to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings, particularly of gardens, we have persistently sought to meet the needs of our customers by providing a good quality service and creating beautifully landscaped gardens. This approach has resulted in a number of satisfied customers who do not hesitate to show their satisfaction.

Our first advertising that initiated a positive trend of garden design and focused on the needs of customers was an audio advertisement aired for a certain period of time on the popular local radio station. Its basic concept expressed through the question “Do you have your
gardener?” continues to be our guiding principle that arouses interest among people.


Over time, our small service business has become a serious company that has 20 employees today. We have expanded our activities first to the Zadar County and the Šibenik-Knin County and since 2006 we have been offering our services in the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia.


We have many years of successful cooperation with our customers in arranging their green areas and private gardens. In addition, we have formed the teams for maintaining these green areas and gardens and the special teams that provide landscaping services along with the
installation and servicing of automatic irrigation system with 3-5 year service warranty – RAINBIRD, which is the world’s leading automatic irrigation system.

New services

Our customers have recognised our quality and professionalism, and at their recommendation and initiative, in early 2016 we decided to take a step forward and set up a team for interior maintenance. In late 2016, again at the suggestion and recommendation of our customers who were very satisfied with the work and professionalism of our teams, we expanded our activities to the management of residential buildings with green areas.