Automatic irrigation system

The service of the installation of automatic irrigation system is the primary need of every
garden and its good appearance.​

Nowadays, taking into consideration the challenges of climate change and the locations of
most gardens, courtyards and green areas that we arrange and maintain, the automatic
irrigation system is essential for their existence.

For this reason, based on many years of work and experience, our company has introduced a
rule that green landscaping should be accompanied by the installation of automatic
irrigation system.

As a company, we have provided the services of the installation of automatic irrigation
system since 2004.

Having tested various systems of automatic irrigation, as a company we have decided to
offer our customers the best and highest quality system for automatic irrigation, which has
been on the market for over 80 years and has the longest has warranty of three to five years –
RAINBIRD system.

We call it the “intelligent” use of water because it saves water. It is designed in a way that every plant gets a proper amount of water without using more water than necessary.​ In addition to saving water, the system is completely automated and time-saving.​ Our teams can help your plants to receive the optimum amount of water.


The service of automatic irrigation installation includes:

●Excavation of channels for underground installation of pipes and sprinklers and
●Adjustment of sprinklers
●Installation of electrovalve boxes
●Installation of electrovalves
●Installation of battery or current controllers
●Installation of rain sensors
●Installation of drop-by-drop pipe

We are offering the training for maintaining your automatic irrigation system or maintaining
the system after installation for you. It is easy to install but also to use.​

REFERENCES for the installation of automatic irrigation system:​

More than 80% of public areas of the City of Šibenik and the County, shopping centres
Supernova, Plodine, Tommy,​
various restaurants, Hotel Radin – Vodice, Borovnik – Tisno, Panorama – Šibenik Bridge,
Babonićeva street – Zagreb, Obala in Tisno and Jezero on the Island Murter, City of Vodice,

tourist place Zaton, Beach Banj – City of Šibenik.