Maintenance of interior spaces

Since our Interior Space Maintenance Team Leader has 17 years of experience in the hospitality industry acquired in the well-known company HUP Zagreb d.d. in the Reception Department, as Coordinator responsible for organising the work of chambermaids and the maintenance of hotel rooms, and as Deputy Hotel Manager, in 2012 we decided to use that experience and knowledge for offering a new service of the maintenance of interior spaces only to our customers for whom we maintain green areas.

Since 2012, in recruiting and setting up the team for the maintenance of interior spaces, we have selected the persons with extensive experience and excellent references, known to us for many years and who enjoy our complete trust, which is a guarantee that every job will be done quickly, efficiently, and with a high level of quality.

Our motto is YOUR HOME IS OUR HOME because we appreciate very much the trust you put in us.

In expanding our services to thesp maintenance of interior spaces, our vision and desire was the satisfaction you feel while walking through your garden, while opening the door of your home and seeing the plants grow, and while entering your bright, clean, fragrant and warm home arranged just for you.

The maintenance of interior spaces include:​

• Annual maintenance of the entire estate​
• General cleaning​
• Regular monthly arrivals for minor cleaning and ventilation of facility​
• Washing and ironing of linen​
• Facility control​
• Other tasks as agreed with owners

The maintenance of apartments:​

• General cleaning of the apartment before the season​
• Regular cleaning and preparing apartments for the arrival of guests on a weekly basis​
• Washing and ironing of linen​
• Setting up the apartments​
• Welcoming guests in the apartments

One of the most important preconditions for achieving quality is cleaning and maintenance of apartments in case of private accommodation. There are several reasons for that; one is the immediate effect on customers and their satisfaction and mood. It can also influence the period of their stay in your apartment as well as their return in the next season. Cleaning and maintenance of apartments can extend the duration of your property.